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Using our low pressure soft wash we are able to lightly spray our solution on to the beams of the screen enclosure to clean and kill all mold algae spiders webs ect. and prevent from coming back as quick! pricing for this service usually starting at 149.99 Remember longer you take to pressure cleaning or pressure washing the more damage mold algae does!

Nov 28, 2014· This post will explain how to clean concrete before sealing because if you coat over either new concrete or dirty concrete without first using a concrete grinder and diamond wheel or other methods below you will only achieve partial adhesion of the sealer in small areas and the majority of the floor will suffer from peeling after a few months ...

Colored cement paste and patching materials help disguise cracks. Environmentally suspect: While concrete itself is an inert, biodegradable material, the process of making cement requires a lot of energy and produces carbon dioxide. Compared to other building materials such as steel, wood and glass, concrete has by far the most embodied energy.

A wide variety of concrete block grinding machine options are available to you, such as yes, no. You can also choose from brick production line, brick molding machine. As well as from hydraulic pressure, autoclaved aerated concrete, and vacuum extruder. There are 35 concrete block grinding machine suppliers, mainly located in Asia.

We have competitive pricing on concrete floor grinders, floor polishers, floor buffers, propane burnishers and floor scrubbers for surface prep or restoration of concrete, terrazzo or …

Dec 19, 2017· In this video we are doing a custom concrete hand mix with a custom finish on this concrete paver/stepping stone we show you how to get a beautiful hand finish for the next concrete …

Preparing Concrete for Tiling or Top Dressing ... This could involve anything from a simple vacuuming to remove dust up to physical grinding or blasting of the concrete surface. If the surface is not clean or solid the tile and/or the resurfacing material will not bond properly. By clean it is meant the surface is free of dust, oil, grease, wax ...

Epoxy paints are commonly used on cement garage floors because of their durability and versatility. They resist oil, dirt, water and debris that can stain other types of paint and flooring.

Nov 12, 2012· Whether you're a pro or DIY'er, you can get the tools you need at The Home Depot tool rental center, including concrete floor prep tools. Remove stubborn coa...

At Stumpy's Pressure washing and Stump removal we take pride in offering top notch service with a friendly family approach. Our goal is to offer homeowners high quality at an affordable price. When you choose Stumpy's Pressure washing and Stump removal you can be sure you're getting one of the best in the Greensboro Triad!.

From offices building to big warehouse we specialize in all type of grinding grit from 30 grit up to 2000 grid all depending on our clients level of polished industrial needs and requests, California concrete clean and seal polished division specialized in product accurate process and delivery of …

Attach the appropriate sanding disk to the handheld grinder. A diamond pad is the more common name for a disk that will grind concrete. Every manufacturer will have a different naming system for their sanders. Use a disk that is indicated for grinding concrete. Put on protective eyewear to avoid particles damaging your eyes.

Mar 21, 2016· The Concrete Floor Grinding Process. Before starting anything, you need to make sure that you clean you garage floor at least a simple swept clean. The floor's surface should also be devoid of grease residue. If you are not using the dust shroud tool in the grinding process, expect the presence of concrete dust.

Cleaning Concrete Before Staining: Important Dos and Don'ts. Unlike paints and coatings for concrete, which are opaque and can disguise many evils, acid stains are transparent. Any unwanted residue remaining on the concrete surface is likely to show through the newly applied stain.

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Concrete Cutting Or Asphalt Cutting. Concrete cutting is needed for a variety of reasons. Our precision concrete cutting provides openings for walls, windows, doors, air ducts and more. Your concrete cutting openings will be cut according to your specific measurements. Our concrete …

In the construction industry, sometimes dealing with concrete slurry is unavoidable. What is concrete slurry exactly? It is the mixture of water and concrete solids that result from concrete grinding, cutting, or coring. Unfortunately, concrete slurry waste is prohibited from being dumped straight down the drain, due to its harmful nature.

A Solvent That Works Wonders *Please note that the fix described in this article pertains only to some solvent based acrylic sealers. It does not work with water based acrylic sealers. Acrylic concrete sealer is something that almost all decorative concrete contractors and their customers have dealt with.

1. Wash down the concrete wall with a pressure washer to get rid of dirt, debris and oil stains. Allow the area to dry. Arrange a drop cloth on the floor or ground.

03/11/2016 . Rejuvenate your driveway with Ace Concrete Grinding and Cleaning. Our concrete painting service includes high pressure cleaning and acid washing and this gives your concrete the deep clean that is required for the new tinted sealer to bond with the concrete surface.

Sidewalk Trip Hazard Concrete Grinding Repair is a method to remove uneven or raised sidewalks caused by tree roots or age. Typically about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches high. The most common reason to concrete grinding is to reduce sidewalk tripping hazard liability.

Feb 16, 2017· What's more, if you choose the wet grinding option, you'll have to wait at least 24 hours (after you've endured the tedious slurry clean-up) for the concrete floor to dry. Dry grinding on ...

Mar 29, 2019· Over time, concrete floors can settle unevenly or become uneven due to cracking and moisture. Whether you want to refinish an uneven basement floor, or replace or add new flooring on top of an existing concrete floor somewhere in your home, you most likely will need to level the concrete floor.

Jan 25, 2017· Grinding is the most conventional and effective way to prepare your concrete for finishes and stains. A concrete grinding contractor will have all the tools necessary, including a grinder with diamond grinding pads, floor buffer, dust shroud, and power washer.

If you plan on leveling a concrete floor, you can do so with relative ease by using a leveling compound. It spreads across uneven slabs, filling in low spots as it creates a new, level surface.

Concrete Dust Removal By Fred Howe. SAVE; Whenever you work on a project that requires cutting, grinding or chipping concrete, you will make concrete dust. The primary ingredient of concrete dust is crystalline silica. According to Amicus, "For many years, it has been known that breathing in fine dust containing crystalline silica can cause ...

Learn about surface preparation for stained concrete. Find out why surface step is a vital step of a successful concrete staining project and get an overview of how to prepare concrete for staining.

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